The AI powered platform for the Construction Industry

We are dedicated to catering to the needs of the construction industry by bringing together state of the art technology providers under a unified, easy to use platform. We merge artificial intelligence, robotic equipment, augmented reality and virtual reality as well as machine learning, ensuring the technologies address the needs of the industry and integrate seamlessly into the highly challenging construction environment so that you can bid, plan, schedule and build more efficiently

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Seamless Integration of Technologies to Increase of Productivity

Intelligent machines are rapidly changing the way our society works, including how we design, build, manage and inhabit the built environment. Technological advances in BIM, AI, AR & VR as well as the constant development of new software, machinery and equipment are clear indicators of the disruption affecting all aspects of the construction process.

Our Vision

Empower the Construction Industry to bring productivity to the 21st Century

Seamlessly Integration

Create a seamlessly integration with our AI powered Platform


Use our AI powered platform to produce your plans and schedules in your required software


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Products Features

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Create 4D BIM automatically

Plan-AI will automatically create multiple 4D BIM schedules from your BIM 3D model

Cost & Schedule Integration

With schedule-based cash flow, understand for the first time how planning and execution affect your cash flow and vice-versa. Get to the root of common project delays and budget overrun with a custom integration that puts the driving factors of your success in a single lens

Fix Gaps in Scheduling

Plan-AI picks up where your scheduling software ends, analyzing those schedules for gaps, errors, opportunities, and more. With just minutes to integrate it, you’ll superpower your scheduling software.

From Scheduling to Forecasting

With features to improve data-driven decision-making at every phase of your project, Plan-AI provides insight throughout the life of your project.

40+ Years Experienced

Leverage from our 40+ years of construction experience in multiple construction sites and locations around the world.

Modular Construction

Generative design software for modular building concepts

Why To Chose Us

Take advantage of our 40 years advantage in the construction industry worldwide and integrate it with our AI powered platform to unleash your productivity

Fix Gaps in Scheduling

Plan-AI will automatically verify your schedule against GAO best practice and suggest multiple solutions

Fix Gaps in Scheduling

Plan-AI will improve data-driven decision making at every phase of your project

Compatible with Leading Scheduling Software

Build on the software you prefer, Oracle Primavera, MS Project or any other major scheduling software

Schedule Translation

Immediately translate schedules to and from any language in the world, in just a few seconds!

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